Our handmade jewelry

Gemstone jewelry

We make gemstone jewelry , carefully created from quality gemstones with deep spiritual value. Each unique piece of jewelry, from necklaces to earrings, combines craftsmanship with materials such as 14kt gold and sterling silver for durability and style. The collection includes various gemstones, guaranteed authentic, each delivered in environmentally friendly packaging with a meaning card.

Gemstone necklace

Discover our gemstone necklaces , made with care and love, where each stone is carefully selected for its unique vibration and quality. Our gemstone pendants range from 925 Sterling Silver to 14kt Gold Filled and 14 carat gold and offer durability with various materials. There are more than 80 types of real gemstones that can be combined with a ladies' necklace .

Gemstone earrings

Discover our handmade gemstone earrings , created with precision and care from more than 50 gemstone types. Our jewelry, available in 14k gold, 925 Sterling silver and Gold plated 14kt, accentuates natural beauty. Each pair is unique; choose your favorite through individual photos on our site. All ear charms can be combined with earrings in various materials and sizes.