Meaning of Brazilianite

Boundaries, Self-Confidence & Responsibility

Brazilianite is a powerful gemstone that helps strengthen memory, spiritual will and create energy when needed. This gemstone teaches you to set boundaries and strengthens self-confidence.

This gemstone is very suitable for people who have difficulty setting boundaries and for teenagers who are exploring their limits. Brazilianite helps you to take responsibility for yourself and follow the path of your soul. It helps release negative emotions such as anger, revenge and jealousy.

Brazilianite also strengthens your intellectual skills and potential, making it an excellent stone to wear during study and work. It promotes concentration, memory, the ability to absorb information, willpower and creativity. Furthermore, it strengthens love and provides insight into other people, making it a good stone for relationships and cooperation in groups.

Did you know...

…the name Brazilianite refers to the country Brazil, where this gemstone was first discovered?


Root chakra (1st chakra) & Solar plexus chakra (3rd chakra)