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Onze Reviews

I am speechless!

'I ordered a super beautiful Peridot stone and a gold chain. It was very nicely wrapped and the stone was even more beautiful than in the picture! I was honestly speechless for a while… So incredibly beautiful! I will definitely order again!'

- Kiki

Nice website and fast delivery

'I really like that there are pictures of what you buy. I love beautiful packaging!'

- Dan

Beautiful new addition

“You feel it was made with love, packed and shipped (quickly). A nice bag to store my unique piece of jewelery was included.'

- Paula

Everything was perfect

'Everything was perfect, delivery, quality and appearance of the jewellery. Nice packaging too.'

- Irene

Functioning of gems

Discover how all gemstones work and other fun facts!

Which Gemstone Matches My Zodiac Sign?

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a valuable jewel

Gemstone necklace

A gemstone necklace is a special gift for yourself or someone else. We think it is very special that these beautiful gemstones were hidden in mountainous areas for centuries. Each gemstone has a unique vibration that can help you spiritually, physically and psychologically. The functioning of every gemstone is different, which means that the perfect gemstone necklace is also different for everyone.

With us you will certainly find a gemstone necklace that suits you, because we have more than 40 different gemstones in our collection! Each stone is also unique and made for you with a lot of love.