Gemstone by color

Gemstones are not only a wonder of nature due to their beautiful colors and unique shapes, but each gemstone also has its own resonance that can enrich our minds. In our collection, these colorful gemstones come to life, each connected to special energy centers that reflect the wisdom of traditional chakras. Discover the subtle powers of these natural treasures and be guided by their colors and stories.

purple gemstone

Purple gemstones

Purple gemstones radiate an aura of serenity and spiritual wisdom, each with an ability to uplift the spirit and soothe the soul. In our collection you will find a variety of purple jewelry that resonates with the third eye and crown chakra , essential for intuitive and spiritual growth.

Discover the soothing Amethyst , the self-expressive Purple Scapolite , the loving Tourmaline , the powerful Ruby , the peaceful Kunzite and the vitalizing Spinel . Discover all purple gemstones on our page be inspired by their unique stories and properties.

green gemstone

Green gemstone

Green gemstones are celebrated for their connection with the heart and living life from passion and feeling. They form an essential link with the heart chakra , making them a powerful ally for spiritual growth and emotional balance. Our collection offers a range of green gemstones, each with their own spiritual meaning and healing energy.

Experience the calming effect of Amazonite , the illuminating Green Aquamarine , the transforming Malachite , the rare and aura-enhancing Maw Sit Sit , the joyful Peridot , the aura-enhancing Green Tourmaline and the emotionally balancing Tsavorite . Discover all green gemstones on our page be inspired by their unique stories and properties.

blue gemstone

Blue gemstone

Blue gemstones are an ode to communication and self-expression, strongly connected to the throat chakra . They are crucial for promoting clarity in both speaking and listening. In our carefully selected collection you will find a variety of blue gemstones, each uniquely resonating with these energy centers.

Be open to the serene radiance of Blue Aquamarine , the wisdom-promoting Lapis Lazuli , the harmonious Chalcedony , the noble Blue Sapphire , and the spiritual Blue Tourmaline . Discover all the blue gems on our page be inspired by their unique stories and properties.

black gemstone

Black gemstone

Black gemstones are in the spotlight for their association with protection, strength and finding a foundation. These dark jewels are an example of how absorbing and transforming negativity can result in a sense of security and stability. Our collection presents a broad spectrum of black gemstones, each with its own special spiritual qualities.

Discover the protective powers of Black Tourmaline , the grounding resonance of Hematite , the intuition-enhancing Larvikite , the wealth-attracting Pyrite and the creativity-supporting Boulder Opal . Discover all black gems on our page be inspired by their unique stories and properties.

red gemstone

Red gemstone

Red gemstones capture the essence of passion and vibrant energy. Known for their powerful connection to the root chakra , they are crucial for fueling life force and promoting emotional stability. In our collection you will find a variety of red gemstones, each with their own characteristic spiritual qualities.

Experience the grounding power of Red Jasper , the anxiety-reducing Rhodonite , the vitalizing Red Spinel , the energetic Red Tourmaline , also called Rubellite, and the courage-inspiring Carnelian . Discover all the red gems on our page be inspired by their unique stories and properties.

orange gemstone

Orange gemstone

Orange gemstones radiate a sense of joy, optimism and unprecedented creativity with their vibrant hues. They are the natural amplifiers of positive energy and inspiration and connect deeply with the sacral chakra , which is essential for cultivating spiritual strength and emotional harmony. Our collection houses a diversity of orange gemstones, each with its unique spiritual attributes.

Let yourself be carried away by the calming Agate , the self-esteem promoting Hessonite Garnet , the prosperity-attracting Gold Topaz , the powerful and enriching Citrine , and the vitality and creativity stimulating Carnelian . Every gemstone in our range is an embodiment of nature's beauty and contributes to personal growth and well-being. Discover all the orange gemstones on our page be inspired by their unique stories and properties.

yellow gemstone

Yellow gemstone

Yellow gemstones are the bearers of sunlight and cheerfulness, symbols of joy and unadulterated optimism. Their connection with the solar plexus chakra makes them essential tools for strengthening self-confidence and inner strength. Our collection presents a versatile palette of yellow gemstones, each with their own special spiritual characteristics.

Discover the motivating Yellow Apatite , the positivity-spreading Orange Calcite , the clarity-providing Petroleum Quartz , the goal-oriented Scapolite , the prosperity-attracting Gold Topaz , and the auspicious Citrine . In addition, the yellow variety of Moonstone , which although less known, equally promotes intuition and emotional stability. Discover all the yellow gems on our page be inspired by their unique stories and properties.