Meaning of carnelian

Creativity, Power & Grounding

Carnelian has a grounding, activating and vitalizing effect. It strengthens the physical body and grounds you in reality. He makes steadfast, helpful, idealistic and attracts success.

He also promotes the ability to solve problems quickly and pragmatically. He gives you courage to make decisions and helps you embark on a new path.

Carnelian has a positive effect on creativity and sexuality. This uplifting and motivational stone gives self-confidence and strength. As a result, it also has a positive effect on depression, apathy and confusion. It is a powerful stone that protects against negative emotions from others such as jealousy and anger and therefore prevents abuse.

Did you know...

...ancient Egyptians used Carnelian to staunch heavy bleeding wounds?


Sacral chakra (2nd chakra)


Aries , Gemini , Cancer & Virgo