Meaning of chromium diopside

Intellect, Intuition & Emotional Renewal

This analytical and very loving stone promotes intellectual abilities, creativity, calmness, intuition and higher consciousness. He helps you find your emotional center and feel and honor your true thoughts, emotions and feelings. Diopside shows you that there is nothing wrong with expressing your feelings and letting go. This stone brings understanding and logic by analyzing situations and feelings.

Diopside teaches you the value of trust and forgiveness and helps gently nudge you toward making the first step. With feelings of loss, he helps you to let go of needs and become aware of your gifts. This stone brings emotional renewal and teaches compassion for the pain of others. When you feel overwhelmed, he teaches you to live in appreciation and joy and helps you put your problems into perspective. When you have blockages, he opens you up to new plans and ideas.

Diopside opens your heart to divine love and devotion and helps to connect and communicate with spirit guides, the Earth and all her beings. He teaches you to understand your role in the bigger picture, to take responsibility and to follow the directions of your intuition. Its powerful grounding cord ensures that excess energy from the body is absorbed by the Earth and a shortage of energy is replenished. It allows powerful life energy to flow through your spine and all your chakras.

Did you know...

...the name of this crystal comes from the Greek word 'chroma' which means 'colour'?


Heart chakra (4th chakra) & Third Eye Chakra (6th chakra)