Meaning of danburite

Serenity, Clarity & Illumination

Danburite is a crystal with a very high vibration of pure white light. This crystal is strongly connected to angelic energies and helps you receive guidance from your spirit guides. It gives self-confidence, improves brain function, information processing and creativity.

Danburite is a calming stone that helps you speak the truth without hurting the feelings of others. It helps you let go of unwanted emotions from the past and overcome negative thoughts about yourself. This crystal keeps you positive during major changes and helps you overcome shock and trauma. It reduces sadness, worry and fatigue and helps to let go of fear, resentment and anger. He brings comfort, ease, patience and inner peace.

This is a stone for harmony and beneficial, valuable relationships. It helps you maintain a cooperative attitude to create happiness. Danburite strengthens feelings of gratitude, making it easier to receive and give help. This crystal teaches you to stand in your power, set boundaries and understand the importance of cooperation with others. Danburite aligns you with your divine purpose and your sacred heart. He naturally attracts love, well-being, peace and serenity. He brings feelings of grace, surrender, has an ego-dissolving effect and helps you on the path to enlightenment.

Did you know...

... Danburite is named after its original location, after the city of 'Danbury' in the United States?


Heart Chakra (4th chakra), Third Eye Chakra (6th chakra) & Crown chakra (7th chakra)