Meaning of Epidote

Enlightenment, Life Energy & Healing

Epidote Clinozoisite is connected to solar energy and has a powerful effect on the entire body. Like Epidote, it is known for balancing and stabilizing the body's energy flow, improving the healing and/or recovery process, and absorbing and increasing vitality. He brings you into contact with the natural flow of life and your natural source of energy.

Epidote Clinozoisite gives fresh air and soothes hardness and pain in the heart. It makes life feel lighter and relieves stress, anxiety and tension in times of crisis. Clinozoisite brings clarity, understanding, optimism and hope. It works primarily on the solar plexus and heart chakra, enhancing emotional clarity, support, bonding, nurturing and loyalty.

Epidote Clinozoisite helps you to live in the now and focus on what is needed now. He helps the child in you return to your core and follow your heart with a feeling of playfulness, joy and youthfulness to ultimately come home.

Did you know...

...Epidote Clinozoisite is mainly found in granitic rocks?


Solar Plexus Chakra (3rd Chakra) & Heart chakra (4th chakra)


Aquarius & Fishing