Meaning of Ruby

Ruby is a hard and durable mineral that belongs to the corundum family. It is distinguished by its striking red hue, which can range from pale pink to deep blood red. This color is mainly caused by the presence of chromium.

Meaning of Ruby

Courage, Strength & Concentration

Ruby is a gemstone that represents courage and strength. It strengthens self-esteem and provides support in stressful situations, allowing you to stay close to yourself. This powerful stone brings feeling and thinking closer together, allowing you to put things in order and let go of the past without bitterness and sadness. Ruby also promotes the connection between the heart and the head, allowing you to experience loving communication and interactions. He helps you to live from your heart and not spend too much time in your head.

It stimulates positive dreams and clear visualizations. Negative energy and anger are transformed by the power of the ruby, which encourages a positive attitude and sharpens your awareness, improving your concentration and focus. The ruby ​​nourishes passion, stimulates enthusiasm and promotes sexual activity. Physically, it can overcome exhaustion and give you energy and strength. It also calms hyperactivity.

Did you know...

...the ancient Greeks and Romans decorated their sword pommels and shields with rubies because they believed the stone gave them strength?


Root chakra (1st chakra)


Leo , Scorpio , Cancer & Aries