Meaning of red garnet

Passion, Dedication & Determination

Garnet is a powerful stimulating and regenerating stone. It revitalizes, purifies and balances energy and brings serenity and passion. Garnet inspires love, devotion and reduces emotional disharmony. He helps with crisis and trauma in situations where there seems to be no way out. Garnet activates and strengthens the survival instinct. He gives you courage, hope and helps you see the positive side of difficult situations by recognizing that all things ultimately work for the good. Garnet sharpens your image of yourself and other people. He removes inhibitions and taboos established by others. This stone encourages self-confidence, honoring yourself and helps you set boundaries with others. Use it when you want to declare your business and take up your space.

Garnet keeps you focused on your creative power and is good for manifesting. This stone is connected to your vital life force and helps to improve your libido and love life. He carries the energy of passion, determination and helps you achieve your goals. Garnet dissolves ingrained behavior patterns, self-sabotage and outdated ideas that no longer serve you. Garnet is an awakening stone that inspires enlightenment and activates kundalini energy. Due to its strong charge, it is wise to avoid this stone when you are irritated or angry.

Red Garnet gives vitality, stability, creativity and charisma. This stone connects the grounding abilities of the base chakra with the wisdom of the crown chakra. Red Garnet brings an overwhelming positive energy of happiness, good mood and zest for life. It helps you fully enjoy your spiritual path, dissolves old negative emotions and is good for healing your inner child in a gentle and playful way.

Did you know...

… Garnet is one of the hardest gemstones?


Root chakra (1st chakra)


Aries , Leo , Capricorn & Scorpio