meaning of sphere

Sphene, also known as titanite, is a unique gemstone with high refraction that gives it a remarkable brilliance. The stone can vary in color from yellow and green to deep red and brown. Its name "titanite" is derived from its titanium content. The crystal is known for its sharp, wedge-shaped endpoints and its crystalline structure.

Meaning of Sfeen

Emotional Balance, Perception & Intuition

Sphene is a highly energetic stone that helps you stay emotionally balanced. The stone strengthens your sensory perception and promotes your mental flexibility and intuition.

It is useful in past life work because it surfaces insights and helps to de-energize and reprogram the karmic blueprint.

Titanite also makes it easier to understand oracles and divination tools such as tarot and numerology. Titanite encourages you to give or receive information without becoming mentally overwhelmed. The stone also stimulates emotional recovery and balances mood swings.

At the heart and solar plexus chakras, Titanite removes the blocks that prevent you from loving yourself and could cause psychosomatic discomfort if left untreated.

Did you know...

...Sphene used to be the main name for this stone, but since 1982 the name has officially been changed to titanite? However, in gemology, the name Sfeen is still often used for clear crystals of gemstone quality or cut stones.


Solar Plexus Chakra (3rd chakra) & Heart Chakra (4th chakra)