Sodalite gemstone

Sodalite is a rich blue to blue-gray mineral, often punctuated with white or lighter flecks. It belongs to the group of feldspars and is often found in rocks such as basalt and diorite. The characteristic deep blue color combined with the unique patterns makes sodalite immediately recognizable.


Intuition, Logic & Self-Confidence

Sodalite is also called the 'Stone of the Thinker'. He stimulates honesty, truth, intuition, inner wisdom and creativity.

On a spiritual level, he brings order and peace, stimulates rational thinking, objectivity, and the correct expression of feelings. Sodalite unites logic with intuition and draws information from the higher mind into the physical body.

Sodalite is a good protection stone for those who dare to live courageously. It increases your self-esteem, self-acceptance and self-confidence. This stone ensures harmony and solidarity and the pursuit of a goal in a group of people.

Sodalite gives strength and comfort and helps you to continue after a difficult situation. It brings emotional balance, calms panic attacks and dispels old fears, phobias and feelings of guilt. He helps you free yourself from control mechanisms and old mental conditioning.

Did you know...

...centuries ago many Roman sculptors, singers and painters wore Sodalite? The ancient Greeks believed that the gemstone would promote artistic talents.


Throat chakra & Third Eye chakra


Virgo & Sagittarius