Spessartine garnet gemstone

Spessartine garnet is a unique variant within the garnet family, recognizable by its striking orange to red hues. This mineral is often found in granite and limestone. The clarity and depth of the colors make Spessartine garnet a special and remarkable specimen among gemstones.


Creativity, Willpower & Manifestation

Spessartine Garnet is known as the Garnet of the Sun and is one of the lesser known and rare species of Garnet.

This powerful stone of creativity, sexuality and attraction strengthens the power of manifestation, increases fertility and our own personal (will) power.

Spessartine Garnet encourages us to take actions towards our dreams, visions and goals. It reduces fear of failure and gives you confidence to take new paths and change your life.

This stone encourages you to be more impulsive, spontaneous and intuitive. It improves analytical processes and strengthens the rational mind.

Its energetic warmth strengthens the heart and gives the willingness to help others. By purifying the auric field he removes blockages that stand in the way of manifestation.

Did you know...

...Spessartine Garnet is also called 'Mandarin Garnet' because of its orange color?


Sacral Chakra


Aries , Leo , Capricorn & Scorpio