Spinel gemstone

The Spinel gemstone is a magnesium alumina mineral that is often confused with the ruby ​​due to its striking red hue. This stone forms in metamorphic rocks such as marble and can also be found in basic rocks such as basalt.


Energy Renewal, Pleasure & Victory

Spinel is a stone for energy renewal, new hope and overcoming difficult circumstances. It reduces fatigue and replenishes depleted energies on all levels. This stone helps you switch to a lower gear, center yourself, let go of your resistance and worries and calms the brain and nervous system.

Red Spinel unblocks the base chakra and creates a strong connection between the base and heart chakras, drawing vital energy into the physical body. Red Spinel is a soothing healer for anxiety, anger, stress, panic, depression and the emotional need for excessive control. Rode Spinel helps you to let others help you. It encourages a loving, attentive and giving attitude towards a partner and helps you convert excessive sexual energy into love.

Spinel helps you appreciate the beauty of life and the world. He helps you take more time to enjoy the true abundance of life, instead of chasing the illusion of financial security. Spinel eases the burden of negative thought patterns, enhances the positive aspects of your personality and helps you achieve and accept success with humility.

Spinel stimulates inspiration, out-of-the-box thinking and new ideas. He helps you develop a new and fresh self-image by letting go of negative beliefs about yourself. Spinel inspires you to take on challenges and do whatever it takes to realize your soul's desire. It is an excellent protector and ethereal cleanser, dispelling negative energies from the auric field. It helps kundalini energy move up the spine, balances Ch'i energy and removes blockages in the energy flow.

Did you know...

...in the past Spinel was often seen as Ruby? It was not until the 18th century that the French mineralogist managed to distinguish between the raw material compositions of these two gemstones.


Root chakra (1st chakra)


Aries , Scorpio & Sagittarius