Purchasing trip - sainte-marie-aux-mines


Our first day at the fair is over! We were able to start our search today while the sellers were still under construction. As a result, we walked through moving forklifts and between piles of boxes, but it was of course very nice to be the first to view the gemstones.

In this blog you can read which gemstones we purchased and we will tell you something about how our day went.

The first finds

Our day started with beautiful quality polished gemstones at a known contact of ours. He is from India himself and we met him last year here in Sainte-Marie. We've kept in touch since then so we were really excited to see him again this year! It feels very nice to purchase stones from him again, he is just such a sweet man!

Below are some photos of the beautiful stones we purchased from him!

The search continues...

After a short break, we again visited the various stalls full of enthusiasm.

From a distance we saw a very large amonite, so of course we immediately went to see if they were also available in a mini size, and yes, they were! We were able to purchase a number of beautiful pieces again because the previous pendants were quickly sold.

Find of the day!

After some very nice shopping, we ended up at a tent where we had bought beautiful aquamarine last year, and now we were curious what they had this year. Until we suddenly saw these beautiful quartz balls in a corner.

These quartz spheres come from Morocco and can occasionally be found in the inside of a quartz geode.

They really look like little candies, we think they are so cute! These are going to be really unique pendants!

On to day 2!

Below are some photos of even more gemstones that we have purchased.

Tomorrow we will go to the fair again to continue our search. We will write another blog in the evening about how our day went and all the beautiful things we encountered!

See you soon and love from us 🥰