Purchasing trip - sainte-marie-aux-mines


Day 3 already! We had seen almost everything of the fair, but there were still a number of 'streets' that we wanted to visit.

The fair is divided into different areas. You have a special fossil area and stones that come from South America, but also a jewelry district in a small park nearby. They sell ready-made jewelry here, but also all the necessary accessories. In terms of gemstones, there are only facet and cabochon cut stones. We occasionally buy something from this if the quality is very good, but in general we really prefer the free forms. These are what make each stone so unique. As you can imagine, we briefly walked around here and quickly returned to the other area.

Aquamarine & Charoite

When we walked into the street we immediately recognized it: we could have bought very beautiful aquamarine here last year! All the pieces were in a container full of water (we think they do that to bring out the color).

These aquamarines come from Siberia and are very bright blue in color.

When we had actually finished at this stall and wanted to continue walking, we suddenly saw something in the corner of our eye that made us very excited: Charoite!

A whole container full of all kinds of beautiful little pieces! It took quite a bit of research and the sellers sometimes look at you a bit strangely, but we pick out each piece one by one to get the most beautiful gemstones.

Chrome diopside

A few stalls further on we came across very beautiful pieces of Chrome Diopside. We have had them before but these were quite large in size. Now we have been able to purchase them in different sizes.

We again selected the most beautiful pieces and placed them on our scales. Most gemstones are sold per gram.

Emerald from Ethiopia

In recent days, our eyes have been focused on beautiful, high-quality rough emeralds. But it was quite a challenge to purchase it for a good price. Today we found beautiful green Emeralds from an Ethiopian gentleman and were able to get a good price.

Tomorrow is the last day...

We were able to find a lot of beautiful things again today and we will search one last time tomorrow.

Then the purchasing adventure is over and we will make beautiful pendants at home!

Below are some more photos of all the gemstones we purchased today!