Purchasing trip - sainte-marie-aux-mines


Today we visited the fair for the last time. There were still a few streets that we had only seen during the construction of the fair, when not all the stalls had yet been built. That's why we wanted to check this place out again.

from madagascar

Blue Apatite

During our tour we met two ladies from Madagascar with beautiful rough blue apatite.

We first selected suitable pieces for pendants, but then decided to take a larger quantity with us to drum ourselves. Although we have never done this before, we have thought it would be fun to try.

The pieces are beautifully transparent and deep blue, so if it works, we will soon have both rough and polished blue apatite pendants.

Rare gemstones

We also found beautiful pieces from Tanzania. We bought this from a couple from the Netherlands, where the woman had connections in Tanzania due to her origins.

They sold high quality gemstones here. We had great success with beautiful green tourmalines, zircon, tsavorite garnets, diopside, scapolite and red spinel.

We bought more on our last day but we haven't had time to take pictures yet. These will only be available online later.

Back home

Tomorrow we leave back home with all our new gemstones. We can't wait to make beautiful pendants from it.

Hopefully you enjoyed following our purchasing journey through these blogs.

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