Afghanite meaning

Afghanite can be recognized by its bright blue to whitish shades. This gemstone was discovered in 1968 in the famous Lapis Lazuli mine in Sar-e-Sang, Badakhshan.


Communication, Empathy & Intuition

Afghanite helps you keep your feet on the ground and shows you that personal limitations are only illusions. The crystal encourages you to replace these limitations with the energy that everything is possible and available. It helps you follow the path of your soul and face the unknown with courage.

Afghanite promotes letting go of control and problems, and allowing the universe to come up with solutions. Afghanite strengthens the communication of deepest thoughts and feelings and promotes empathy and intuitive understanding of another's vision. It is an excellent stone to create harmony around you.

Afghanite strengthens telepathy and creates a united group spirit. It helps resolve inner conflicts and teaches you that peace in you and in the world is only possible when inner peace is firmly anchored in your being. Afghanite radiates this inner peace to everyone on earth, which can ultimately contribute to peace on our Mother Earth.


Throat Chakra & Third Eye Chakra


Gemini , Libra , Sagittarius & Capricorn