Ammolite meaning

Ammolite is a rare organic gemstone material that originates from the fossilized shells of extinct squid, known as ammonites. These particular ammolites, which are over 70 million years old, come from the Rocky Mountains of Canada . They are unique for their enchanting iridescent color that can vary from shades of red and green to blue and purple, depending on the angle of the light. Given their fragility, these ammolites have been processed as triplets to make them suitable for jewelry and thus preserve and protect their beauty.

Meaning of Ammolite

Well-being, Vitality & Perseverance

Ammolite is like a beacon of happiness and prosperity. This gemstone radiates a power that not only attracts abundance, but also symbolizes a long and happy life. It is a stone that ensures deep inner peace and harmony, especially for those who struggle with restlessness and insomnia.

This mystical stone has the power to strengthen the mind, stimulating survival instincts and reinforcing the realization that with determination and perseverance, any challenge can be overcome.

Feng Shui masters call Ammolite the “Seven Colors Prosperity Stone”. They believe that this gemstone, when worn, strengthens the flow of Qi (life force) through the body. Not only does this make it a symbol of prosperity and health, but wearing it can also add charisma and an undeniable sensual beauty to the wearer.

Additionally, Ammolite is believed to help combat feelings of depression, returning light and brightness to the wearer's life.

Did you know...

...Ammolite is the fossilized remains of ancient squid shells?


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