Meaning of Andean Opal

Love, Communication, Healing

Blue Andes Opal is a loving stone that exerts a strong attraction. It can bring immediate healing by directly addressing the emotions and feelings involved. This gemstone promotes the pursuit of the highest good and stimulates communication with the heart. The crystal strengthens the life force and has a strong bond with love and passion. This purifies your feelings and connects them to your higher consciousness, so that your intuition can be the guideline in your life.

Blue Andean Opal is a good stone for people who have a lot on their minds and can help alleviate fears and worries. This gemstone can also help with separation anxiety and with getting used to new situations in a gentle and loving way.

Blue Andes Opal can be confrontational, but this can bring immediate healing.


Heart chakra (4th chakra)


Cancer , Scorpio , Sagittarius and Pisces