Meaning of apophyllite

Softness, Nature & Harmony

Apophyllite carries the energy of gentle love, peace, healing, harmony and abundance. She is connected to the energy of nature, the earth and its inhabitants and promotes connection and communication with the fairy, plant and animal kingdoms.

This hopeful stone helps you understand life and love better, making it easier to let go of pride, ego and fears.

She teaches forgiveness and helps heal pain, paralysis, restraint and feelings of suffocation. She helps you leave cynicism behind and enjoy life on earth again, full of wonder, like a child.

Apophyllite helps you see all sides of an issue, allowing you to make decisions easily. Her purifying energy supports and protects you in a negative or polluted environment and brings vitality and health to your aura.

Did you know...

…Apophyllite is formed in the cavities of volcanic rock?


Heart chakra (4th chakra) & Crown chakra (7th chakra)


Gemini & Libra