Meaning of blue tourmaline

Higher consciousness, Calmness & Pure communication

Blue Tourmaline is a calming stone connected to higher spiritual consciousness. It is strongly connected to the throat chakra and promotes self-expression and honest and open communication. He helps you achieve your goals with dedication and has a protective effect.

This soothing stone helps to bring pain and unresolved emotions from childhood or past lives to the surface and helps you understand the reason for trauma and imbalance. It encourages the release of feelings, behavioral patterns and connections with people who are not good for you.

Blue Tourmaline promotes intuition and provides insight into the reason for physical imbalance. In overactive thinking, it calms the mind so that your consciousness can develop further. He aligns the mind with divine energy.

On a spiritual level, Blue Tourmaline facilitates deep meditation, communication with higher beings and a Zen-like state of enlightened emptiness. He helps you let go of attachment to results and the past. You will be able to process psychological impressions that you receive during meditation more easily and share them verbally with others.

Did you know...

... Tourmaline only became known in Europe when Dutch sailors brought the stone with them from Sri Lanka?


Throat Chakra (5th chakra) & Third Eye Chakra (6th chakra)


Taurus , Libra & Pisces