Meaning of blue topaz

Higher communication, Clarity & Inner Harmony

Blue Topaz gently opens your throat chakra, the center of communication and self-expression, and connects it to your heart.

It stimulates mental and spiritual development and self-realization. This stone helps you find your own way and trust your inner source of knowledge and wisdom. He encourages empathy, openness, honesty and truth.

The gentle energy of Blue Topaz helps you heal emotional wounds and overcome fears, phobias, doubt and insecurity. This stone balances emotions and promotes feelings of well-being and inner harmony. It brings peace and tranquility to the soul, clarity to the mind and facilitates acceptance.

Blue Topaz stimulates the intellect and learning ability and helps you solve problems. It balances the energy channels and the body and purifies your aura.

It helps you to speak clearly and promotes divine communication through visual perception. He also empowers spiritual communication with guides and angels, among others.

Did you know... ancient Egypt, blue Topaz was used as a talisman for protection and health?


Taurus & Scorpio


Throat chakra (5th chakra) & Third eye chakra (6th chakra)