Meaning of Diaspoor

Memory, Letting Go & Intuition

Purple Diaspoor is a rare gemstone with a purplish hue that can change color. It is a high vibration crystal and resonates with the higher chakras. This gemstone stimulates the mind and keeps memory in optimal condition, making it ideal for both students and the elderly with declining memory.

Purple Diaspor promotes the pursuit of the highest good and has a strong bond with love and passion. This gemstone purifies and connects feeling and intuition with higher consciousness, so that your feeling and intuition can be the guideline in your life. It helps with separation anxiety, new situations and when saying goodbye. It provides relief from trauma and relieves worries and fears.

Purple Diaspoor is a loving stone with a warmed love energy similar to that of the sun. However, it can also be confrontational, because it places the emotions and feelings at stake directly and unceremoniously in front of you. It can therefore bring immediate healing.

Did you know...

…the name Diaspoor comes from Greek and means “scattering”? When diaspore is heated under a flame, it disintegrates into white pearly scales.


Third Eye Chakra (6th chakra) & Crown Chakra (7th chakra)


Cancer , Scorpio , Sagittarius & Pisces