Meaning of green tourmaline

Abundance, Heart Connections & Divine Love

Green Tourmaline radiates the energy of nature's healing power. She attunes you to the energies of the earth and Divine Love. Her loving energy opens your heart and teaches you to give and receive. She encourages compassion, openness, mercy, tenderness, patience and a sense of belonging.

Green Tourmaline helps you improve your attitude and attract new, loyal, ethical, heart-centered friendships, business partners and relationships.

She teaches you that to attract this, you have to learn to enjoy your own company.

Her invigorating and nourishing energy brings emotional growth and helps you become more expressive. She brings balance to fear of change and obsessive-compulsive disorders and reminds you to let the good of the universe flow through you.

Green Tourmaline teaches you to recognize that receiving is not the same as taking. She helps people who are afraid to give, and takes away this fear of lack. This stone puts you in touch with the ever-flowing abundance that is available to us all. She also reminds you of the abundance of help from the spiritual realm and nature spirits.

Did you know...

...Toermaline only became known in Europe when Dutch sailors brought the stone with them from Sri Lanka?


Heart chakra (4th chakra)


Libra & Pisces