Meaning of Green Sunstone

The Green Sunstone can vary in color, sometimes with a green/bluish tint, and occasionally contains inclusions of Orange Sunstone and Hematite, see the photos of the pendant where you sometimes see different colors.

This Green Sunstone , also known as Peristerite sunstone, originates from Tanzania. Sunstones are usually orange, yellow or brown in color. Green is very rare.

Meaning of Green Sunstone

Power, Optimism & Expanded Consciousness

Green Sunstone helps with physical strength but also certainly the inner strength needed for personal growth, emotional healing, creative expression and spiritual development. This gemstone serves as a reminder and a tool to recognize, embrace and develop these forms of strength within ourselves.

This gemstone shows you the lighter side of life. Green Sunstone encourages a joyful, hopeful, and positive approach to life and the challenges it brings. In addition, it is also a gemstone that attracts prosperity and luck. It combines the energies of the solar plexus, heart and throat chakras making it a powerful self-empowerment stone.


Solar Plexus , Heart & Throat Chakra


Fishing , Scorpion & Lobster