Meaning of Hackmanite


Calmness, Higher Consciousness & Logic

This Hackmanite is a sulphur-rich variant of Sodalite from Afghanistan, which changes color under the influence of light. Its energy is sweet, brave, confident, and promotes balance, pleasure, contentment, and tranquility. It has a very fine vibration while remaining connected to the earth. It provides access to the higher mind and connects it with the physical. He unites intuition with logic.

Because of the deep peace, tranquility and peace that Hackmanite brings, it provides relief from psychotic problems, fears, addictions, phobias and feelings of guilt. He helps you understand situations you find yourself in, accept your dark sides and helps you let go of fears that prevent you from moving forward.

This stone helps you stay true to yourself and your beliefs, while being open to new insights and possibilities. He increases your powers of observation and is therefore good at mediation and problem solving. It helps you stay calm and restore unrest, making it easier for you to complete activities and tasks.

Hackmanite helps break emotional and astral ties of past lives and other refined energetic layers. It makes deep meditation easier and removes electromagnetic pollution.

Did you know...

...Hackmanite becomes lighter in color in sunlight and changes back to its purple color in the absence of light?


Heart chakra (4th chakra) & Crown chakra (7th chakra)