Meaning of Lapis Lazuli

Lapis lazuli is a deep blue semi-precious stone that has been prized for thousands of years for its intense color and golden pyrite inclusions. This stone is in fact a rock consisting of several minerals, mainly lazurite, sodalite, calcite and pyrite. It has been used in ancient times in jewelry, sculpture and as a pigment for blue paint.

Meaning of Lapis Lazuli

Wisdom, Calmness & Self-expression

Lapis Lazuli helps you to express your feelings and emotions. It brings deep tranquility and inner peace in times of stress. Lapis Lazuli helps you take control of your life. He reveals inner truth, encourages self-awareness and self-expression without restraint or compromise.

Lapis Lazuli brings honesty, compassion and harmonizes conflicts. It soothes feelings of frustration and excitement and helps overcome anger. He helps you deal with emotional turmoil resulting from abuse, martyrdom, cruelty and suffering. Its calming energy helps with inner child work and addictions.

He helps you take responsibility for yourself instead of blaming others.

Lapis Lazuli brings objectivity, clarity and stimulates creative thinking. He helps you face and accept the truth. It improves intellectual ability, concentration and focus and helps you attune to higher knowledge.

This stone is beneficial for the integration of complex topics, auditions and job interviews.

Lapis Lazuli is a stone of self-knowledge and reflection and is very useful for people who are very intelligent or have (characteristics of) autism. It allows you to observe unconscious habits, patterns, motivations and beliefs that hinder spiritual progress and provides a clear positive perspective on life. He helps you identify your gifts and abilities, as well as your limitations and growth opportunities.

Lapis Lazuli balances the throat chakra and teaches you the power of the spoken word. It blocks psychic attacks, stimulates enlightenment and strengthens spiritual and personal power. Lapis Lazuli opens your intuitive and psychic senses and enhances your ability to receive visual guidance or information, including in dreams.

Did you know...

... in the Middle Ages Lapis Lazuli used to be ground to use the pigment for blue paint?


Throat chakra (5th chakra) & Third Eye chakra (6th chakra)


Virgo & Sagittarius