Meaning of Larimar

Larimar is a rare blue variety of the pectolite mineral group and is known for its unique combination of sky blue and white patterns. It is only found in a certain part of the Dominican Republic, in the Caribbean, which adds to its exclusivity. The color is often associated with the color of tropical waters. Larimar is extracted from volcanic rocks and is often sharpened.

Meaning of Larimar

Clarity, Harmony & Soft Joyful Love

Larimar brings the energy of purity, peace and love and works powerfully on the heart and the higher chakras. She brings balance to your emotions, helps you express them and stimulates loving and clear communication. Larimar restores the divine connection between thinking and feeling and helps you to trust your innate power. She makes you joyful, lively and good-humored. This stone brings inner peace and helps you stay calm and relaxed during major changes in your life. She helps release judgment and combats and soothes pain, depression, loss, anxiety, stress, anger, self-doubt, phobias and panic attacks.

Larimar opens the throat chakra and brings clarity, an open mind, simplicity, yin energy and security. This stone makes constructive thinking easier, stimulates creativity and helps you go with the flow. She helps you connect with your feminine, intuitive and receptive nature and helps women connect with their Divine Feminine nature. Larimar teaches the value of self-care and self-respect. She helps you see yourself and free yourself from unhealthy inner ties to others or principles. The empowering energy of Larimar removes self-imposed blockages, limitations and self-sabotage. She soothes a wounded heart and helps you gain proper control over your life.

Larimar allows you to effortlessly reach a deep meditative state. It increases consciousness, brings inner freedom and harmonizes body and soul. She helps you come home to yourself and thus feel at home on earth. Larimar encourages telepathic communication, rebirth, contact with angels and communication with other realms. She guides your soul to your true life path and helps you ground your higher aspects in your body so that you can start living from your higher aspect of being.

Did you know...

…Larimar is rarer than diamond? This gemstone is only found in one place on earth, near the village of 'Chupaderos' in the Dominican Republic.


Solar plexus chakra (3rd chakra)


Aries , Leo , Scorpio , Sagittarius & Pisces