Meaning of Mango Quartz

The Mango Quartz gemstone is a unique variety of quartz with a striking golden yellow to orange hue. This special color is caused by the inclusions of hematite and goethite in the quartz. Although quartz is found in many rocks around the world, the specific Mango Quartz is found in the regions of Colombia.


Activating, Joy & Processing

Mango Quartz is a very rare gemstone from the quartz family that was rediscovered a few years ago in Colombia. This gemstone can be recognized by its natural orange point consisting of Halloysite.

Ancient wisdom shows that this stone has an activating effect. Mango Quartz helps cleanse the body and mind and expands consciousness.

The joyful energy of the Mango Quartz stimulates creativity and gives you energy to live a life that makes your heart happy ❤️.

This insightful stone also helps discover and clear traumas, so you can then live full of joy and presence.

Did you know...

...Mango Quartz was rediscovered in 2017 near the city of 'Boyaca' in Colombia?


Sacral Chakra (2nd chakra) & Solar Plexus Chakra (3rd chakra)