Meaning of Norwegian moonstone

Norwegian moonstone, also known as larvikite, is a feldspar rock native to the Larvik region of Norway. It has a gray to blue-gray background with distinctive silver or blue flashes created by light reflection from its internal structures. These chatoyant flashes are reminiscent of the iridescence of traditional moonstone, hence the name 'Norwegian moonstone'.

Meaning of Norwegian moonstone

Protection, Balance & Insight

Norwegian Moonstone, also known as Larvikite, is a special gemstone that offers peace, balance and protection. This stone has a close connection with the earth and helps to remove negative energies, both from within and without. It is an ideal gemstone for people who are sensitive to influences from their environment, and it offers protection against energetic stimuli.

Norwegian Moonstone is particularly beneficial for travelers, especially when exploring new and unknown areas. This stone supports you to stay true to yourself and maintain your own energy, even in strange environments.

Norwegian Moonstone stimulates paranormal abilities and helps you see the real causes behind problems. By strengthening your inner wisdom and intuition, you can tackle these problems more effectively. This gemstone encourages you to stand in your power and live your full potential.

Did you know...

Norwegian Moonstone, also called Larvikite, takes its name from the town of Larvik in Norway? This beautiful gemstone is named after the place where it was first discovered?


Root chakra & Third eye chakra


Gemini , Libra , Aquarius , Cancer , Scorpio & Pisces