Meaning of Seraphinite

Seraphite, a unique gemstone from Eastern Siberia, is known for its deep green color with silvery patterns reminiscent of angel wings. This stone, which owes its name to the seraphim, radiates a heavenly beauty.

Meaning of Seraphite

Transformation, Emotional Balance & Harmony

Seraphite is a powerful stone for self-discovery and spiritual growth. It encourages action and helps to break ingrained thought patterns and habits. This stone is particularly effective in promoting love and making decisions from the heart.

Seraphite provides emotional support, especially in times of gloom and depression. It helps dispel negative emotions and brings a balanced mood, which is especially useful in relationships and when dealing with emotional challenges.

This stone also strengthens the connection with nature and can improve the care of plants. It stimulates a sense of harmony and wisdom, in line with your true desires and life purpose.

Did you know...

...seraphite is also known as 'chlorite jade' because of its unique green color, ranging from light olive green to almost black green? The shiny silver 'feathers' give the stone a particularly attractive appearance.


Heart chakra


Virgo & Libra