Meaning of shangaan amethyst

Transformation, Feminine energy & Self-confidence

Shangaan Amethyst is a special type of crystal that was recently found in the Chibuku mine in Zimbabwe. The crystal combines Amethyst with smoky quartz and sometimes contains traces of Lepidocrocite . This gemstone radiates a strong feminine energy, which helps strengthen self-confidence and personal power.

The Shangaan Amethyst invites you to live free of doubts and insecurities, from the strength of your heart and the gentleness of love. Let go of the past and flow with the power of the present moment. By stepping out of your head and releasing tension, you can move forward instead of standing still. This special crystal will support you and make you aware of your inner blockages, so that you can overcome and transform them. It is time to see the world with new eyes, discover the invisible and awaken.

Shangaan Amethyst has a healing effect on the feminine energy and supports both men and women in healing their feminine line and connecting with the wisdom of the feminine within themselves. It stimulates the letting go of doubts and insecurities, and encourages to live and act from the heart.

Did you know...

... the Shangaan Amethyst gets its name from the Shangaan tribal area where the Chibuku mine is located? This gemstone is named after the area where it was discovered, giving it a special meaning and connection to local culture and history.


Heart chakra , Third eye chakra & Crown chakra


Virgo , Libra ,Aquarius & Pisces