Meaning of Tiger's Eye

Tiger's eye is a chatoyant rock, composed mainly of quartz, characterized by its golden brown to reddish brown bands and silky luster. The unique striped pattern and shiny reflection are created by the fibrous inclusions and the replacement of the mineral crocidolite by quartz. The effect is reminiscent of a tiger's eye, hence the name 'Tiger Eye'.

Meaning of Tiger's Eye

Optimism, Emotional Stability & Willpower

Tiger's Eye brings together the warm energy of the sun and the stable energy of the earth. He brings clear consciousness and integrates the spiritual with the physical. He teaches balance between duality and provides insight into the underlying unity.

Tiger's Eye inspires creativity and utilizing your talents and abilities. He helps to bring this into the world and gives you the willpower, focus, and stability to maintain it. This optimistic stone helps you find your purpose and stimulates hope and confidence in the future.

This practical and balanced stone promotes harmony between people with different viewpoints and beliefs, helping to find common ground. Internally, it helps heal self-criticism, internal battles, especially those caused by jealousy, self-will and pride.

Tiger's Eye brings inner vision and gives a better understanding of the cause and effect of any situation. He brings information together into a coherent whole. He teaches integrity, the proper use of power, and protects by seeing through the negative intentions of others.

Tiger's Eye teaches you to make decisions based on reason, thereby supporting change in all aspects of your life. He is very supportive of addictions and increases personal will to bring about positive change.

On a spiritual level, Tiger's Eye amplifies the higher will and clarity of intention to reflect the divine in every action taken in the world.

Did you know... the past the Tiger's Eye was as expensive as a diamond? The price dropped dramatically when large quantities were found.


Root chakra (1st chakra) & Solar plexus chakra (3rd chakra)


Gemini & Leo