Triplite gemstone

Triplite gemstone is a rare mineral that often varies in color, from brown to greenish yellow. It is mainly found in pegmatite, a type of rock characterized by large crystals. The unique chemical composition of triplite, rich in phosphates, makes it a remarkable and distinctive stone within the world of gemstones.


Manifestation, Creativity & Cleansing

Triplite is a rare and powerful gemstone connected to the root, sacral, heart and crown chakras. It helps integrate the physical, emotional and mental body and supports you in manifesting your deepest desires and spiritual development. Tripliet also promotes the understanding of the connection between yourself and others. Work with this unique gemstone to connect with the higher realms while staying grounded on the earth and in your creative flow.

Triplite is a detox stone that strengthens the life force throughout the body. This gemstone attunes to you and balances your energy system, stimulating creativity and energy. If you feel lethargic and need motivation, triplite will help you overcome heaviness and fatigue. This stone increases self-confidence, cleanses negative thoughts, provides protection and encourages you to take action on your goals.

Did you know...

... Triplite got its name from the Greek word triplos, meaning "threefold", referring to the structure of this gemstone.


Root chakra (1st chakra), Sacral chakra (2nd chakra), Heart chakra (4th chakra) & Crown chakra (7 th chakra),