White topaz gemstone

White topaz is a clear gemstone found in various rocks around the world. When the stone is cut, it reveals a radiant shine that beautifully reflects the light. This brilliance, combined with its pure and translucent character, makes white topaz particularly striking.


Purity, Intuition & Clarity

White topaz is the gemstone of purity. It is a stone that can help you maintain focus while walking your path, without the interference of fear or worry. It is a useful stone to wear when you are unable to move forward with yourself. This gemstone could also help your wishes and intentions come true more quickly. White topaz supports the development of intuitive gifts, especially clear seeing and feeling.

White topaz helps you discover your personal truth and gain insight into yourself. It is a stone that promotes spiritual growth and helps you break negative patterns. White topaz brings clarity and insight and gives the wearer the ability to take responsibility for his or her own life.

Did you know...

White topaz is also called 'Silver Topaz'?


Crown Chakra & Heart Chakra


Taurus , Sagittarius & Leo