Bustamite meaning

Bustamite is a subtle pastel pink to brown-red colored gemstone. Bustamite is related to Rhodonite and Wollastonite and is often found where rocks have been altered by the presence of manganese.


Intuition , Creativity & Spontaneity

Bustamite helps with conscious dreaming and improves your intuitive abilities. It is a stone that supports you mentally and helps you stay calm and in harmony.

On an emotional level, Bustamniet helps with past traumas. It helps you understand how everything is beautifully interwoven and how you can enjoy participating as a conscious part of 'All That Is'.

The stone generates a cheerful, playful and creative energy. It reminds you of the energy of the child within yourself, helps you to enjoy life, makes you less strict on yourself and encourages you to be freer and more spontaneous.


Root Chakra , Sacral Chakra & Heart Chakra