Chakra Stones

Every human being has seven main chakras. These chakras are connected to each other through the spine, think of it as an energy flow.

The word chakra comes from Sanskrit and means disc . Every aspect of life is reflected in one of the seven chakras (discs).

By delving into chakras you can discover which chakra needs more attention, so that you can become an even more beautiful person ❤️

Did you know...

...all chakras are located in areas where the main nerves converge?

1st chakra

root chakra

Basic right: To be there and to have

Color: Red
Element: Earth
Goal: Foundation
Challenge: Fear

Muladhara (root) is the foundation of the entire chakra system. This chakra connects man and earth.

With a balanced first chakra you feel safe, familiar, well grounded and you consciously deal with your body.

Root chakra out of balance
Too closed:

Anxious, little focus, little discipline, weak boundaries, financial problems

Too open:
Overweight, greed, lazy, addicted to certainty, fear of change, materialistic

heiligbeen chakra
2nd chakra

Sacral Chakra

Basic right: To feel and have fun

Color: Orange
Element: Water
Goal: Movement and connection
Challenge: Guilt

Svadhisthana (sweetness) is the realm of emotions and sexuality.

With a balanced second chakra you are emotionally and creatively balanced. You are open and sexually free. You can also express your feelings well and you have healthy boundaries.

Sacral chakra out of balance:
Too closed:

Poor social skills, lack of desire or enthusiasm, excessive boundaries

Too open:
Emotional dependence, hypersensitivity, sexual addiction, weak boundaries

zonnevlecht chakra
3rd chakra

solar plexus chakra

Basic right: To act and to be a separate person

Element: Fire
Goal: Transformation
Challenge: Shame

Manipura (city of jewels) is the fire that is within you.

With a balanced third chakra you are confident. You know what you want and act accordingly. You also accept and acknowledge yourself. You have the power to turn your energy into action.

Solar plexus chakra out of balance:
Too closed:

Little energy, not knowing what you want, victim mentality

Too open:
Hyperactive, arrogant, strong ambitions, achievement oriented, need to be right.

groene edelsteen
4th chakra

heart chakra

Basic right: To love and be loved.

Element: Air
Goal: Love and balance
Challenge: Sadness

Anahata (undefeated) is the center of the seven chakras and forms the link between the earthly and the spiritual.

With a balanced fourth chakra you are connected to yourself and others. You can give and allow love.

Heart chakra out of balance
Too closed:

Withdrawn, critical, lonely, a closed heart

Too open:
Clingy to others, jealousy, sacrificial.

5th chakra

throat chakra

Basic right: Speaking and being told the truth.

Light blue
Element: Sound
Goal: Communication and Creativity
Challenge: Lies

All previous chakras come together in the fifth chakra. If one of them is not in balance (too much or too little), this is often reflected in the throat chakra.

Vissudha (purification) represents communication.

With a balanced fifth chakra you can express yourself well but also listen well to others. You are honest and speak the truth.

Throat chakra out of balance
Too closed:

Fear of speaking, difficulty expressing feelings, introverted

Too open:
Talking too much or interrupting others, gossiping

derde oog chakra
6th chakra

third eye chakra

Basic right: The right to see

Element: Light
Goal: Recognize patterns
Challenge: Illusion

Ajna (perceiving) is the center of your intuition.

With a balanced sixth chakra you are very intuitive and have the ability to visualize.

Third eye chakra out of balance
Too closed:

Insensitive, bad memory, little imagination, monopolarized (there is only one truth)

Too open:
Hallucinations, Delusions, Obsessions & Nightmares

7th chakra

Crown chakra

Basic right: The right to know and learn

Element: Thought
Goal: Understanding
Challenge: Attachment

Sahasrara (thousandfold) is the gateway to awareness of your own true nature.

With a balanced seventh chakra you are aware of who you really are. You are in contact with your higher self.

Crown chakra out of balance
Too closed:

Cinism about spirituality, rigid beliefs, apathy

Too open:
Too busy with spirituality, separation with the earthly and the body