Chalcedony rose meaning

These Chalcedony florets were found in Indonesia and have a flower-like structure. They are also called Amorite. Some contain a shine due to the microcrystals while other roses have coarser quartz points.


Confidence, Self-Expression & Emotional Healing

Chalcedony rose helps promote confidence and self-expression. They encourage you to have faith in yourself as well as in the Universe. These stones support you on your path, provide direction when you feel lost, and help you to enthusiastically pursue your dreams. Chalcedony roses attract love and happiness, and help you overcome shyness and express your creativity.

Chalcedony opens the throat chakra, which helps with clear and effective communication. This stone is also gentle on the heart chakra, helps break through emotional blockages and promotes emotional healing. It calms emotions, stimulates self-insight and self-confidence, and promotes the ability to overcome resistance and accept changes.

Chalcedony roses help you absorb negative energies and bring balance and harmony to your life. They increase your mental capabilities and inner peace, and promote optimism and creativity. This makes chalcedony a powerful stone to carry with you during stressful situations, such as exams, to maintain a sense of calm and focus.


Throat chakra & Heart chakra


Cancer & Sagittarius