Charoite meaning

Charoite is a special rock found in Siberia, Russia. It is recognizable by its vibrant blue-purple color and unique patterns, often infused with inclusions of gold, dark green, gray or black. Charoite can be either translucent or opaque.


Deepening, independence & desire

Charoite is a powerful stone that supports transformation and growth. It stimulates your inner vision, deepens your spiritual insights, and encourages you to accept yourself and let go of resistance to change. This stone helps you integrate harmony and unconditional love into your life and encourages freedom and independence.

Charoite helps with emotional support, especially in times of change and stress, by providing stability and hope. It helps you overcome fear and insecurity.

Charoite helps to feel your true desires and life purpose. The stone strongly supports you on the road and gives you willpower and makes you enterprising.

Did you know..

the name charoite is probably derived from the Russian word "chary", which means 'enchantments' or 'charms'?


Scorpio & Sagittarius


Third eye chakra & Crown chakra