Grape agate meaning

Grape Agate, often better known as Grape Agate, is a special form of Chalcedony that is mainly found in Sulawesi, Indonesia. This unique gemstone is characterized by its distinctive purple or lavender colored spheres that are reminiscent of a bunch of grapes.


Peace, Harmony & Spiritual Purification

Grape Agate radiates an energy of deep peace and tranquility. This gemstone has a calming effect and brings both your mind and body into a state of deep meditation.

Grape agate supports purification and relieves stress and negativity. This gemstone connects to the heart chakra and creates a feeling of harmony in your body.

Grape Agate connects you to your source and helps to open your inner channels, remove obstacles and allow your higher consciousness and inner knowing to flow in better.


Heart chakra & Crown chakra


Pisces ,Aquarius & Cancer