Dumortierite in quartz

Dumortierite in quartz is a combination of minerals where dumortierite occurs as blue inclusions within quartz. Dumortierite is an aluminum borosilicate and forms in rocks that have been altered by high heat, which often happens deep within the earth where temperatures and pressures are high.


Insight, Self-Renewal & Spiritual Connection

Dumortierite in quartz is a special combination in which the powers of both minerals are strengthened. This stone is known for its deep blue to purple hues and is valued for its ability to provide insight into the soul's path. This means that it provides insights not only for the current life, but also for past lives, making it an excellent choice for spiritual growth and self-discovery.

The presence of dumortierite in quartz helps break old, useless bonds and promotes the letting go of outdated promises. The crystal provides a window into the spiritual self and reconnects with inner wisdom, which is essential for those who strive for a renewed version of themselves or want to leave behind certain aspects of their lives.

On an emotional level, dumortierite promotes self-confidence and assertiveness, while also encouraging patience and courage. It dampens hypersensitivity, promotes detachment and strengthens positive self-love and zest for life. The stone helps improve concentration and organizational skills and is particularly useful for those who deal with crises and trauma on a daily basis.

Dumortierite is also useful for developing language skills necessary for communication across cultures and is an aid in overcoming stage fright, stress and phobias. It is an effective aid in combating insomnia, panic attacks and depression.


Third eye chakra & Crown chakra



Did you know...

…Dumortierite is named after the French paleontologist Eugène Dumortier?