Hematite gemstone

Hematite is an iron ore and is known for its metallic luster and gray-black color.

Meaning of Hematite

Self-confidence, Grounding & Protection

Hematite is a powerful grounding gemstone that helps you sink deep into your own body. It is the ideal stone for people who often feel dreamy or have the feeling that they are not on solid ground, and provides a foundation of stability and self-confidence.

With its energetic resonance, hematite stimulates willpower and courage. This stone strengthens your inner strength, helps you realize your goals and motivates you to act with determination and tenacity.

Hematite serves as a powerful shield, effectively protecting against negative external influences.

Did you know...

... The name hematite means 'bloodstone', derived from the Greek words haema ('blood') and lithos ('stone'), which refers to the red color released when processing the stone.


Root chakra (1st chakra)


Scorpio & Aries