Jasper stalactite meaning

A stalactite is a dripping rock that forms on the ceiling of caves and is formed by minerals that fall down from water droplets and evaporate. Many stalactites are made of calcite, but this particular disk of a stalactite from Uruguay contains jasper, which crystallized over thousands of years.

    Meaning of Jasper

    Self-respect, Insight & Anchoring

    Jasper is a powerful stone that promotes both mental and emotional stability. This stone encourages positivity and courage, allowing you to move forward with determination and optimism. With its unique energy, Jasper promotes self-respect, self-esteem and acceptance of one's own self, making you stronger and more balanced.

    This gemstone provides firm anchoring, keeping you deeply connected to Mother Earth. In turbulent situations, Jasper helps keep the head cool and the heart calm. It is particularly helpful in dealing with heartbreak and grief. In addition, Jasper promotes insight, especially when exploring patterns from current and past lives.

    By wearing or carrying Jasper you feel connected on all levels; body, soul and spirit are harmoniously linked. For those who feel that they are not feeling well in their body, Jasper can offer a solution.


    Root chakra


    Aries & Taurus