Quartz meaning

These quartz spheres were found inside quartz geodes in Morocco. They formed millions of years ago when mineral-rich fluids seeped into the cavities and crystallized into spherical structures. These spheres are formed when crystal growth takes place in the geode around a central point, leading to the spherical crystals. Due to natural movement and erosion, some of these spheres have become detached from the geode walls. This has made them unique, small balls that have beautifully retained their natural shape.

Meaning of Quartz

Purity, Strengthening & Balance

Quartz is a very powerful healer and energy enhancer. This stone carries the energy of clarity and Divine light. Quartz cleanses and strengthens all chakras and organs and brings them into balance. It regulates, absorbs and provides energy.

Due to its purity, Quartz strengthens the effect of other gemstones and protects the aura against radiation. Mentally, Quartz promotes concentration and clear thinking. He helps to adopt a neutral attitude and solve problems.

On a spiritual level, this crystal increases your energy to the highest possible level. He also helps you to make a clear connection with your higher self and higher guidance.


All chakras


Leo & Capricorn