About Monos


Hi! I am Dion, a quiet, sensitive young man who is increasingly trying to live from his heart and gentleness.

In my daily life I make jewelry from beautiful gemstones, and I try to walk my path to a loving life in peace.

It is a path in which a lot of attention is inward, in order to heal and then share my love vibration with people.

I really enjoy working with gemstones. Not only because of the vibration, but also because of the beauty. My passion lies mainly in working with high-quality gemstones. Gemstones that you don't just see on the counter in every store.

Now that I write this down, it actually summarizes the core of Mónos very nicely:

' It's about making something tangible that helps you move forward, and also makes you amazed by the beauty of nature's treasures.'

The origin of Monos

Discovering crystals - 2003

To explain this properly I have to go back in time. In the summer of 2003, as a child, I went on holiday to Austria with my parents and sisters. We walked a lot, but I didn't notice much of the surroundings. My eyes were constantly focused on the ground, looking for beautiful stones.

The search in nature - 2017

Years later, in the summer of 2017, I went looking for crystals in the southern German Black Forest with my mother. With a chisel and hammer we spent days breaking open one boulder after another. It was so magical to experience that all these gemstones have been hidden in these mountainous areas for millions of years. We went home satisfied and accepted the blistered hands.

A crystal on a chain - 2020

During a time of deepening with myself, I wanted to wear a gemstone near me. This time no longer in my pockets, but simply on a necklace, on the chest.

I said to myself: ' This stone around my neck is the feeling and learning process that I carry with me. It's time to show the real me."

I went looking for a hanger and walked into a new-age store.

I had a pendant in my hand and I felt how little love and attention it had been made with. The pendant was probably produced somewhere in Asia and this did not fit the intention with which I wanted to wear it.

So then I started making a pendant myself. I bought an Aquamarine stone, had a hole drilled in it and I attached a subtle silver eye to it.

The beginning of Mónos - June 8, 2021

I actually always wore my self-made necklace. And on a whim and without thinking too much, I decided to make more pendants and then sell them to people who faced the same problem as me.

On June 8th the time had come, the website was ready, the photos were online and the meanings of all 8 different gemstones had been written. Not knowing how it would end...

Now, a few years later...
There are more than 60 different gemstone pendants available on the website. I have now made thousands of pendants, and the great thing is: I still love doing it ❤️