Paua shell meaning

The Paua shell, native to New Zealand, is the former home of a sea snail and is notable for its beautiful mother-of-pearl colors.


Emotion, Creativity & Harmony

The Paua shell, a symbol of emotional balance and protection, reflects the soothing power of the ocean. The shiny mother-of-pearl interior is known for warding off negativity and promoting a feeling of security. It especially helps calm the heart chakra, reducing fear, sadness and anxiety and creating inner peace.

The shell also stimulates creativity and strengthens intuition, which provides new insights and a fresh look at life. The belief that the Paua shell brings wealth, strength and longevity comes from ancient Maori traditions, where the shell is seen as a source of emotional balance and spiritual harmony.

Did you know...

...the name "Paua" comes from the Maori, the indigenous people of New Zealand, and refers specifically to their colorful variety of the abalone shell? This term distinguishes the New Zealand conch for its unique, vibrant colors, unlike other abalone species worldwide.


Heart chakra