Solar quartz meaning

Solar quartz, also called Solar Quartz, is a unique variant within the quartz family and is semi-transparent to translucent. It is formed from stalactites and often reveals natural circular patterns with glittering crystals, in white crystalline quartz.


Protection, Clarity & Purification

Solar quartz is a special gemstone that has the power to heal both physically and spiritually. This stone is known for its ability to strengthen energy and help you find new ways to achieve your goals. By bringing clarity to your thinking, solar quartz helps reduce confusion and promotes a deeper connection with your higher self. It is a stone that brings peace and harmony to all aspects of life.

In addition, solar quartz is known for its purifying properties, making it a powerful protector against negative energies and radiation. It helps you to be less susceptible to external influences, which encourages you to stay balanced and let your energy flow positively. This stone supports you in finding inner peace and creating a peaceful environment.