Black agate meaning


Acceptance, Emotional Stability & Inner Strength

Despite its black color, Black Agate is a soft and sweet stone. This powerful, grounding and protective stone is connected to the root chakra. It brings balance, balance and stabilizes emotions.

Black Agate provides inner strength and support to move on after a difficult period. It calms your mind, relieves anxiety and helps you process grief. This stone gives you insight into your shadow sides and helps you accept situations. It removes negative energy from your body, thoughts and aura and brings new positive energy.

This Agate teaches you to take your destiny into your own hands. It gives you self-confidence, structure, focus and helps you make good decisions. Communication runs smoother, emotional expression becomes easier and you feel more at ease in your environment.

On a spiritual level, Black Agate helps you become physically more powerful in your body and ground spiritual energy in the body. He also strengthens contact with the supernatural.

Did you know...

…in the Middle Ages it was believed that wearing agate could influence the weather? The belief was that agate had the ability to repel rain and thunder, which would contribute to a fertile and bountiful harvest.


Root chakra


Taurus , Virgo & Scorpio