Astrophyllite meaning

Astrophyllite is a fairly rare gemstone that stands out for its leaf-shaped, glittering structure. It is found in a black mineral called Arvedsonite.

Meaning of Astrophyllite

Potential, Finding the Truth & Creativity

Astrophyllite helps you discover your true potential. The crystal encourages self-reflection and insights that help you break old patterns and explore new possibilities. It is known as a stone of 'true dreams', illuminating your path and potential and inviting you to see yourself from an overview.

The stone promotes spontaneity and helps to let go of negative habits, such as smoking or excessive snacking. By wearing an Astrophyllite you can approach your goals in a realistic and achievable way. This promotes a positive self-image and encourages making autonomous choices.

Astrophyllite brings the truth to light and encourages open and honest communication. This stone promotes creativity and inventiveness, and helps you to see things from a different perspective. It gives self-confidence and improves communication skills, making it easier to convert ideas into action and making goals more achievable.


Third eye chakra & Crown chakra


Scorpio , Cancer & Pisces